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Family Mediation
If all argue, have all right!

In family there are many problems that can solve not always their own power. Understand each other and giving each other a chance to learn from problems is a major challenge for all involved.

Often the feelings are difficult and make it complicate to find individual ways to the any solution and ultimately lead to an impasse of emotions - there is an alternative.

Mediation is a process for conflict resolution, in which all the warring parties get the opportunity to present their interests and needs while talking openly and honestly. The solutions worked out indicates consensus and shall be represented by all parties.

Just only to be able to talk about is first step to solution.

"Now I 'm happy to go back home."(Participant)


Family tensions work systemically.

Therefore, the approach in the conflict solution is also systemic. The individual family structures and experiences from the past are considered in relation to each other and form the basis for the use of the process of mediation.