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retail mediation, communication
outdoor training, team development
automotive project management, presentation, moderation, conflict management
mobile project management, sales training
consulting services consulting and training design, team development, project management
financial services customer orientation internally and externally
educational institutions project management, moderation, presentation, self-management, public speaking
courier process optimization
industry process coaching
animal remains disposal communication and collaboration, process optimization, executive coaching, job description, appraisals

tax consulting process collection, communication and cooperation, information flow, job description, project management, time management

systems engineering /
mechanical engineering agrarian
workshop: communication and collaboration, process analysis, project management, implementation coaching, executive coaching, mediation, staff coaching

publishing workshop: communication and collaboration, process analysis, mediation, executive coaching

crafts process analysis, workshop: communication and cooperation, implementation coaching , public speaking, time management

Construction Training and Coaching: Negotiating with clients and contractors, conflict management and mediation in construction, public speaking, time management