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From experience with other companies -adding their knowledge and implementation combined at the moment of training. Only what you have yourself done remains a fond memory. more
To find the right word at the right time in the best moment and to the right person as well in any interview situation, is a high skill. In companies there are many moments, there discussions and meetings aimlessly ends and it is said in the end, next time we get an external moderator. more
Whether it's people, processes, communication, strategy or development - there's always plenty to consider and decide - in any company, regardless of size. The view of the own company itself becomes dull with time. As an advice helps from the outside often with new clarity . more
If you have tried everything and still creeps the feeling over of discontent you see the first signs that you are reaching your limits. One can not know everything, but get for everything help. more
Conflicts are always and everywhere. Some more, some less. The smaller ones often disappear seemingly by itself, but the bigger ones do often not solve that easily. Therefore you can be helped by the method of mediation ! more
hendrik scharnweber
Trainer, Moderator, Consultant, Coach, Mediator

· Project Management, Process Analysis
· Communication Training , Team Building
· Mediation, Moderation
· Personnel and Organization
· Staff development experience in the aerospace, (England)

· Training
· Team development
· Project-Management
· Training Concept
· Event-Management                    more
TrainU - Tip

Results of workshops are a good base for companies and employees to make changes. But on the next day all work according to old habits - the implementation of new findings is forgotten!
My Tip:
Start an Implementation Coaching

We take over the work of the measures controlling and you enjoy the ever growing success in the implementation!

"As a good leader you do not need to know everything, but you should know what to do when you need to have support one your site." (Participants)